UFresh`s Story

Ufresh's Birthplace

Nazilli, Aydin, Turkey

Ufresh, which wants to carry the most delicious products grown on fertile soils all over Turkey with the freshness of the first day, was established in Nazilli, one of the most fertile agricultural lands of our country.

Taking its power from the soil, Ufresh serves to preserve all the local flavors carefully selected from every region of Anatolia, especially Nazilli, in the freshness of the first day in its stores and to deliver them to its consumers.

Ufresh, which has been fully meeting the needs of its customers with its quality product and professional service approach since 2011, meets with its consumers in five branches, namely Nazilli Central Branch, Nazilli Organized Industry Branch, Nazilli Yeni Sanayi Branch, Kuşadası, and Balçova.

Ufresh aims to deliver the best quality flavors to our people with its innovative values. For this reason, it delivers its unique flavors to all its customers all over Turkey with the freshness of the first day through its website and sales points.

With its living store concept, Ufresh transforms the customer experience into a taste adventure where authenticity and modernity meet. It adopts the principle of delivering this experience to Anatolia with its increasing stores every day.

Ufresh, whose priority is to preserve the freshness of its products since the day it was founded, serves its valued customers with the slogan "Discover the Taste of the Moment" and superior quality assurance.