About Us

About Ufresh

It is a brand of Uğur Integrated Food Company operating within the Uğur Group of Companies. Founded in 2011 in Nazilli district, the journey of taste of Ufresh continues today with its high quality products and qualified sales network. Ufresh; without sacrificing taste and freshness, it offers its consumers nuts, Turkish delight, coffee, dragee, oil, and dried fruit products.

Ufresh brings together the careully selected flavors and wide product range from all over Turkey and Nazilli, which is famous for its fertile lands, to the consumers. In its retail adventure that it started in 2020, Ufresh, which started to serve in its stores with distinguished tastes and original product range, is one of the innovative brands of the sector.

Blending the necessities of our age with its modern vision, Ufresh draws attention to its diversity and different concepts in its stores. In its store, it offers its guests the opportunity to discover new tastes with its living store concept.

Ufresh not only accompanies your moment with its flavors, but it also allows you to enjoy the moment to the fullest. Ufresh, which will allow you to live your time full of flavor, always offers you fresh and new product discovery with seasonal harvests.

Ufresh offers its guests a quality, modern and authentic experience in its stores. It gives you the pleasure of discovering new tastes with its changing concepts.

Ufresh, which has succeeded in meeting all the wishes and needs of its customers all over Turkey with its stores and website, adds new products to its product group every day and develops its quality product range. It breaks new ground in Turkey with its services offered specifically to consumers with different packaging, weight, and subscription systems.

Ufresh, whose priority is to preserve the freshness of its products since the day it was founded, serves its valued customers with the slogan "Discover the Taste of the Moment" and superior quality assurance.

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