The story of Cerotoni began in Nazilli, where the fertile lands and the most delicious of dozens of different fruits are grown.

Uğur Integrated Food, the food brand of Uğur Group of Companies, has brought the flavors of these fertile lands to the world for many years. Of course, he not only brought fruit to the world but also learned the flavors of different geographies. The most striking of these flavors was the famous Italian gelato.

The Italians were adept at ice cream, but what they didn't have was the delicious fruits grown in the fertile lands of Nazilli and Uğur Entegre Gıda's experience in the ice cream industry... Cerotoni, by combining this unique mastery with delicious fruits, created the unique Cerotoni Gelato, which makes even Italians jealous.

Offering a new generation ice cream experience that appeals to all your senses, completely different from the classic ice cream experience, Cerotoni offers Italy's famous gelato ice cream with natural fruit flavors to add flavor to your pleasant moments.

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