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With its taste and contribution to health for centuries, fig is a fruit that people cannot give up. It is one of the indispensable people with its contributions to health as much as its taste. The hometown of the fig is the Nazilli land, where it can be grown with natural possibilities without using any artificial route. Now, this fig, famous for its flavor, is spreading from Nazilli soil to the world.

Ufresh; In Nazilli, which is the source of most of the dried figs consumed in the world, it processes this local flavor without disturbing its naturalness and brings it to all taste lovers. In Ufresh, figs that are naturally grown, with a thin skin, white skin and large size, which are peculiar to the region, are carefully dried and folded in their flavor, and are easily packaged and exported to the world.

Getting to know this healthy fig, making sure its naturalness is the right point to reach this taste quickly and easily; The source of "delicious dried figs" is Ufresh.

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